Milk & Vodka: May 30

rye rye's album Bang Remixes

Artist: Rebecca Campbell and Justin Haynes
Song: Better Than Memories
Album: The Sweetest Noise


Artist: The Cardigans
Song: Holy Love
Album: Super Extra Gravity


Artist: The Charms
Song: Believe
Album: Self Titled 


Artist: Basia Bula
Song: I Was a Daughter
Album: Oh, My Daughter


Artist: Brazilian Girls
Song: Berlin
Album: NYC


Artist: Rye Rye
Song: Bang ft. M.I.A.
Album: Bang


Artist: The Rhythm Method
Song: What About Sports
Album: Celebrities with Low Self-Esteem


Artist: MC Lyte
Song: I am Woman
Album: Lyte as a rock


Artist:  Rokia Traore
Song: Zen
Album: Tchmantche


Artist: Summer Cats
Song: In June
Album: Song for Tuesdays


Artist: United Steelworkers of Montreal
Song: Rise Up
Album: Three on a Tree
Artist: Green Go
Song: Brains for Breakfast
Album: Borders


Artist: Girls Would Kill
Song: Wash it Out
Album:  GWK

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