Set List – August 8th

Artist: Operation Makeout Album: First Base

Set #1: Global

Artist: Buffy Sainte-Marie
Song: Disinformation
Album: Coincidence and likely stories

Artist: Susan Baca
Song: Canta Susana
Album: Afrodiaspora

Artist: Sierra Leone’s Refuggee All Stars
Song: Jameray
Album: Rise and Shine

Artist: Angelique Kidjo
Song: Out of Africa
Album: Oyo

Set #2: Global Con’t
Artist: Takadja
Song: Les enfants takadja
Album: diye

Artist: Ouomou Sangane
Song: Seya
Album: Seya

Artist: Toumast
Song: Dounia/Life
Album: Ishumar

Set #3: Indie

Artist: Operation Makeout
Song: Close Encounters
Album: First Base

Artist: Bonjour Brumaire
Song: Argeles
Album: De la nature des foules

Set #4 Electronic

Artist: Anjulie
Song: Cutmore Remix
Album: Love Songs

Artist: Adriane Laky
Song: Only a Fantasy
Album: Morning Glow


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