Set List for August 15th and Critiquing feminism and the feminist movement

Luisa Matia's album Lero-Lero

artist: scratching post song: get with the program album: flame thrower 

artist: the violet archers song: truth album: sunshine at night

artist: they shoot horses don’t they song: seeds album: boo hoo hoo boo

artist: the superfantastics song: turn me on and lullaby punch album: choose your destination

artist: Luisa Matia song: Lero-Lero album: Lero-Lero

artist: Bamboleo song: recupacita album: Ya No Hace Falta

artist: Perielle song: Salt Mine album: S/T

artist: Jackie Robitaille song: Vanity album: Take a step Closer

artist: gore gore girls song: all grown up album: burning memories

Also on today’s show we talked about feminist buzz words equity , equality (the difference between the two explained here) and sexism.

We also looked at feminism from the perspectives of bell hooks and Jessica Yee 


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