August 23rd – Set List

Set #1: Hip Hop and R&B

*Artist: Asa Album: Beautiful Imperfection Song: Baby gone.
Artist: Shad Album: TSOL Song: Keep shining.
Artist: Eekwol and Mils Album: The List Song: Keep it Simple.

Set #2: Electronic/Experimental

Artist: Nedry Album: Squid Cat Battle Song: Condors
*Artist: Thunderheist Album: Self titled Song: Jerk It
Artist: Daylot Album: Minitestatic Song: Missing Pieces

Set #3: Global
*Artist: Tracy Bone Album: No lies Song: Standards
Artist: Sibongile Album: Khumalo Song: Women of Africa
Artist: Bobi Cespedes Album: Rezos Song: Lenu

Yesterday on M&V we interviewed Lauren Quinn on her trip to China. Lauren spent a year teaching English at Guangxi University. You can listen to our interview at CJAM.CA.


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