live studio performance from local artist Den-Igan




This week on Milk and Vodka, we had Windsor artist Den-Igan in the studio with us. She answered some questions for us on what it’s like to be a solo-female artist living in Windsor.

She also played some songs for us from her new album, such as Sunshine Dan and Pancakes no Heartache.

Den-Igan was so much fun to have in the studio, she shared lots of stores and advice to our listeners and her music is a beautiful mix of melodic acoustic guitar and powerful vocals. We also had her pick out some music that inspired her, so we heard Crissi Cochrine and Lilly Frost.

If you missed the show, check out the archive at

Den-igan will be rocking M&V

Denigan. Photo from her Facebook fanpage

On Monday the 26th, local musician Den-igan will be gracing us with her presence. Den-igan is going to be playing live from the studio as well as answer a few questions about her music and life in the music scene. Be sure to tune in next week to catch her interview with Nicole as well as great performance. If you happen to miss it, be sure to check out the archives at Check out one of her songs by visiting her website.

Set List and Announcements – Sept. 18th

Invincible's "Shapeshifter" cover art


Milk and Vodka is moving to 4:00pm-5:00pm starting Monday, September 26th! To start off on the right foot in our new time slot, we will be hosting a guest: local musician, Den-igan.

Also: here on M&V we try to do our best to promote healthy women’s sexuality, and to prove it, we are developing a two part special. The first part will focus on female masturbation and the second part will feature a discussion on sexual scripting. We will be giving lots of notice for these shows, but for now all we can tell you is that these will be featured during the later hours (not during Milk and Vodka’s usual time). Stay tuned into our blog for more details or follow us on twitter: mandvradio or on facebook

Indie Rock
*Artist: Den-igan Album:Square Root of Fun Song: Baby birds
*Artist: Den-igan Album:Square Root of Fun Song: Take me home
*Artist: Little Scream Album:The Golden Record  Song: Red hunting jacket
*Artist: Denim on Denim Album:Library Voices Song: Insider training (on outsider art)
*Artist: Lovers love haters Album: Skin and Bones Song: Self Titled

Artist: Angelique Kidjo Album: Oyo Song: I’ve got dreams to remember
Artist: Nawal Album: Women of Africa Song: Hima
*Artist: Amanda Martinez Album: Amor Song: Tomalo
Artist: Khadja Nin Album:Women of Africa  Song: Sina Mali, Sina Deli

Hip Hip
Artist: Invincible Album: Shapeshifters  Song: Looongawaited
*Artist: Jenocide Album: Machines to make us wet Song: 28 mansions
Artist: Macromantics Album: Moments in Movement Song: Scorch
*Artist: Masia One Album: People in the city Song: Montreal in the fall

* = Canadian artists

September 12, 2011 discussion: What is environmental racism and why it is a feminist issue & set list

She Keeps Bees' self titled album


artist: Kalle Mattson song: Sunshine album: Archers

artist: She Keeps Bees song: Sister Beware album: She Keeps Bees

artist: Bell song: Meaninglessness album: Diamonite

artist: Maria Kasstan song: Mother’s Lament album: Gamma Knif

artist: the bicycles song: Once was Not Enough album: Oh no, its Love

artist: Kenny Arkana song: Victoria

artist: the Cursed Arrows song: Earthlings album: telepathic High Five

artist: Tara Watts song: Hail Outside album: About Love

artist: Perielle song: Fog like This album: Fog like This

artist: Furs song: Level 1 album: Streets of Rage

This week we discussed environmental racism, with a feminist perspective to explore the issues around the Tar Sands project and the Keystone Pipeline. 

An Open Letter to Phog Lounge

Dear Phog Lounge,

You have been host to a great many female artists and have been supportive of women-oriented events like Smash the Glass and the Women’s Studies Student Association’s launch of their feminist publication, Are We There Yet. This is exactly why we were so disappointed to learn that you have not yet included any female-artist headliners in your upcoming – and very well known – event, Phog Phest. In fact, there isn’t a single woman in any of the six headlining bands.

Because Phog is an alternative venue (arguably, the most popular in Windsor Ontario), we would like to express our frustration that you have decided to host an all-male line-up, despite having access to many prominent female artists.

It would benefit the community greatly to support female artists, like you have in the past, by including them in your Phog Phest 3. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for considering our concerns.


Milk and Vodka

*This letter does not represent CJAM. The views and opinions expressed in the letter only represent its hosts, Nicole and Meghan.

Set List – September 5th

Set #1: New Releases

*Artist: Dragonette Song: You’re a Disaster Album: Self Titled
Artist: Seapony Song: Blue Star Album: Go With Me
*Artist: Hilary Grist Song: Tall Buildings Album: Imaginings
Artist: The Bandana Splits Song: Lavez Vous Album: Self Titled
Artist: The Bandana Splits Song: Choo Choo Album: Self Titled

Set #2: New Releases [Global]

Artist: Mamani Keita Song: Douba Album: Gagner L’argent Francais
Artist: Googoosh Song: Shekayat Album:

Set #3: Indie Rock
Shapes and Signs Song: Head Movin’
Ohbijou Song: Black Ice Album:
*Artist: The Blow Song: Parantheses Album: Paper Television

Set List and Discussion: August 29th

The Vivian Girls' album "Everything Goes Wrong"

set list:

artist: Beach House song: Tokio Witch album: Beach House

artist: Dum Dum Girls song: Your’s Alone album: I Will be

artist: The Vivian Girls song: Out for the Sun album: Everything Goes Wrong

artist: Yo La Tengo song: Nothing But You album: Summer Sun

artist: Rose Cousins song: Simple Thought album: If you Were for Me

artist: Farideh song: Prison for our Love album: Symphony of Chemistry

artist: Jill barber song: In Perfect Time album: Oh Heart

artist: Lullabye Arkestra song: Y’make me Shake album: Ampgrave

artist: White Lung song: Atlanta album: Its the Evil

Today we discussed cuts to social security, and what that means for women. Below are some of the articles or links that we will used in our discussion.

In our conversation, we discussed employment insurance, maternity benefits and the misperception of women’s choice of domestic work*. We used the research compiled by McMullin, Avison and Cassidy (2001) from here and here. Also check out the stats discussed on women and employment in Canada. 

For information regarding governmental cuts to government-funded programs, check out this Globe and Mail article. We also compared these cuts to what the government has spent on fighter jets in another Globe and Mail article, but could be spending on “green electricity” – so check out that information on

*We understand that some women choose to be domestic workers, and respect those decisions. That being said, we’re also bringing attention to the fact that many women don’t have a choice, because of the way such things as employment insurance and maternity benefits have been structured.

August 23rd – Set List

Set #1: Hip Hop and R&B

*Artist: Asa Album: Beautiful Imperfection Song: Baby gone.
Artist: Shad Album: TSOL Song: Keep shining.
Artist: Eekwol and Mils Album: The List Song: Keep it Simple.

Set #2: Electronic/Experimental

Artist: Nedry Album: Squid Cat Battle Song: Condors
*Artist: Thunderheist Album: Self titled Song: Jerk It
Artist: Daylot Album: Minitestatic Song: Missing Pieces

Set #3: Global
*Artist: Tracy Bone Album: No lies Song: Standards
Artist: Sibongile Album: Khumalo Song: Women of Africa
Artist: Bobi Cespedes Album: Rezos Song: Lenu

Yesterday on M&V we interviewed Lauren Quinn on her trip to China. Lauren spent a year teaching English at Guangxi University. You can listen to our interview at CJAM.CA.

Set List for August 15th and Critiquing feminism and the feminist movement

Luisa Matia's album Lero-Lero

artist: scratching post song: get with the program album: flame thrower 

artist: the violet archers song: truth album: sunshine at night

artist: they shoot horses don’t they song: seeds album: boo hoo hoo boo

artist: the superfantastics song: turn me on and lullaby punch album: choose your destination

artist: Luisa Matia song: Lero-Lero album: Lero-Lero

artist: Bamboleo song: recupacita album: Ya No Hace Falta

artist: Perielle song: Salt Mine album: S/T

artist: Jackie Robitaille song: Vanity album: Take a step Closer

artist: gore gore girls song: all grown up album: burning memories

Also on today’s show we talked about feminist buzz words equity , equality (the difference between the two explained here) and sexism.

We also looked at feminism from the perspectives of bell hooks and Jessica Yee