Set List and Discussion: August 29th

The Vivian Girls' album "Everything Goes Wrong"

set list:

artist: Beach House song: Tokio Witch album: Beach House

artist: Dum Dum Girls song: Your’s Alone album: I Will be

artist: The Vivian Girls song: Out for the Sun album: Everything Goes Wrong

artist: Yo La Tengo song: Nothing But You album: Summer Sun

artist: Rose Cousins song: Simple Thought album: If you Were for Me

artist: Farideh song: Prison for our Love album: Symphony of Chemistry

artist: Jill barber song: In Perfect Time album: Oh Heart

artist: Lullabye Arkestra song: Y’make me Shake album: Ampgrave

artist: White Lung song: Atlanta album: Its the Evil

Today we discussed cuts to social security, and what that means for women. Below are some of the articles or links that we will used in our discussion.

In our conversation, we discussed employment insurance, maternity benefits and the misperception of women’s choice of domestic work*. We used the research compiled by McMullin, Avison and Cassidy (2001) from here and here. Also check out the stats discussed on women and employment in Canada. 

For information regarding governmental cuts to government-funded programs, check out this Globe and Mail article. We also compared these cuts to what the government has spent on fighter jets in another Globe and Mail article, but could be spending on “green electricity” – so check out that information on

*We understand that some women choose to be domestic workers, and respect those decisions. That being said, we’re also bringing attention to the fact that many women don’t have a choice, because of the way such things as employment insurance and maternity benefits have been structured.


August 23rd – Set List

Set #1: Hip Hop and R&B

*Artist: Asa Album: Beautiful Imperfection Song: Baby gone.
Artist: Shad Album: TSOL Song: Keep shining.
Artist: Eekwol and Mils Album: The List Song: Keep it Simple.

Set #2: Electronic/Experimental

Artist: Nedry Album: Squid Cat Battle Song: Condors
*Artist: Thunderheist Album: Self titled Song: Jerk It
Artist: Daylot Album: Minitestatic Song: Missing Pieces

Set #3: Global
*Artist: Tracy Bone Album: No lies Song: Standards
Artist: Sibongile Album: Khumalo Song: Women of Africa
Artist: Bobi Cespedes Album: Rezos Song: Lenu

Yesterday on M&V we interviewed Lauren Quinn on her trip to China. Lauren spent a year teaching English at Guangxi University. You can listen to our interview at CJAM.CA.

Set List for August 15th and Critiquing feminism and the feminist movement

Luisa Matia's album Lero-Lero

artist: scratching post song: get with the program album: flame thrower 

artist: the violet archers song: truth album: sunshine at night

artist: they shoot horses don’t they song: seeds album: boo hoo hoo boo

artist: the superfantastics song: turn me on and lullaby punch album: choose your destination

artist: Luisa Matia song: Lero-Lero album: Lero-Lero

artist: Bamboleo song: recupacita album: Ya No Hace Falta

artist: Perielle song: Salt Mine album: S/T

artist: Jackie Robitaille song: Vanity album: Take a step Closer

artist: gore gore girls song: all grown up album: burning memories

Also on today’s show we talked about feminist buzz words equity , equality (the difference between the two explained here) and sexism.

We also looked at feminism from the perspectives of bell hooks and Jessica Yee 

Set List – August 8th

Artist: Operation Makeout Album: First Base

Set #1: Global

Artist: Buffy Sainte-Marie
Song: Disinformation
Album: Coincidence and likely stories

Artist: Susan Baca
Song: Canta Susana
Album: Afrodiaspora

Artist: Sierra Leone’s Refuggee All Stars
Song: Jameray
Album: Rise and Shine

Artist: Angelique Kidjo
Song: Out of Africa
Album: Oyo

Set #2: Global Con’t
Artist: Takadja
Song: Les enfants takadja
Album: diye

Artist: Ouomou Sangane
Song: Seya
Album: Seya

Artist: Toumast
Song: Dounia/Life
Album: Ishumar

Set #3: Indie

Artist: Operation Makeout
Song: Close Encounters
Album: First Base

Artist: Bonjour Brumaire
Song: Argeles
Album: De la nature des foules

Set #4 Electronic

Artist: Anjulie
Song: Cutmore Remix
Album: Love Songs

Artist: Adriane Laky
Song: Only a Fantasy
Album: Morning Glow

M&V Pride Edition: August 1, 2011

To celebrate Pride Week in Windsor, today’s show focused on musicians from the LGBT community and sex positive musicians.

Lesbians on Ecstasy's album "We Know you Know"

Set List:

artist: Queen Latifa song: UNITY album: Black Reign

artist: Lady Soverign song: My England album: public warning

artist: Rhythm Method song: too small album: Celebrities with Low Self Esteem

artist: Invincible song: Recognize album: Shape Shifters

artist: Peaches song: Boys Wanna Be Her album: Impeach my Bush

artist: Lesbians on Ecstasy song: Sisters in the Struggle album: We Know you Know

artist: the Blow song: Moon is there, I am here album: Bonus Album

artist: Coco Rosie song: Lemonade album: Grey Oceans

artist: Tegan and Sara song: the first album: The Business of Art song: On Directing album: Sainthood

July 25th Set List

Horrorpops album cover - Bring it on!



Artist: Kinnie Star
Album: Tidy

Artist: Rah Rah *
Song:Breaking Hearts
Album: Breaking Hearts

Artist: Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s
Song: Bookworm
Album: The daytrotter sessions

Artist: Tegan and Sara*
Song: Living Room
Album: If it was you

Hip Hop

Artist: Me’Shell Ngegeocello
Song: Hair of the dog
Album: Devil’s Halo

Artist: Michie Mee & L.A. Luv*
Song: Kotch
Album: Jamaican Funk Canadian Style

Artist: Masia One*
Album: Diz-Knee Land
Album: Mississauga

Artist: Eternia
Song: Time
Album: It’s called life.


Artist: Jenocide*
Song: Love Vulture
Album: Machines to Make us Wet

Artist: The Knife
Song: Zapata
Album: Self Titled


Song: Walk like a zombie
Album: Bring it on!

Artist: Menace Ruine*
Song: This place of power.
Album: The Die is Cast.

Artist: Eyes set to kill
Album: This place of power
Song: Broken Frames.


The Student Movement – the student newspaper on the University of Windsor campus – is looking for editors, columnists, general members, and/or volunteers! Be sure to check out their Facebook page and website for more details or contact them at

July 18 set list

The Creep Show's album "Run for your Life"

hip hop/R&B
*artist: Pulan
song: return of the bgirl
album: Masia one
artist: Psalm one
song: better then my last
album: woman at work
*artist: imaginations treetrunk
song: happens again
album: branching out
*artist: Divine Brown
song: twist my hair
album: slef titled
*artist: I hate Sally v.s. GFK
song: show me a liar
album: sp(l)it
*artist: Lullabye Arkestra
song: y’make me shake
album: Ampgrave
*artist: The Creepshow
song: demon lover
album: run for your life
album: Bebel Gilberto remixed
song: all around. Remixed by Telefon tel aviv
artist: Rokia Traore
song: zen
album: tchamtche
* = Canadia artist
This week we interviewed political scientist – feminist and University of Windsor master’s canditate Heather Lynds on the decriminalization of prositituion in Canada, and the current remifactions prosititions are facing because of the laws around that industry. If you missed the show, download the archive from