live studio performance from local artist Den-Igan




This week on Milk and Vodka, we had Windsor artist Den-Igan in the studio with us. She answered some questions for us on what it’s like to be a solo-female artist living in Windsor.

She also played some songs for us from her new album, such as Sunshine Dan and Pancakes no Heartache.

Den-Igan was so much fun to have in the studio, she shared lots of stores and advice to our listeners and her music is a beautiful mix of melodic acoustic guitar and powerful vocals. We also had her pick out some music that inspired her, so we heard Crissi Cochrine and Lilly Frost.

If you missed the show, check out the archive at

Set List and Announcements – Sept. 18th

Invincible's "Shapeshifter" cover art


Milk and Vodka is moving to 4:00pm-5:00pm starting Monday, September 26th! To start off on the right foot in our new time slot, we will be hosting a guest: local musician, Den-igan.

Also: here on M&V we try to do our best to promote healthy women’s sexuality, and to prove it, we are developing a two part special. The first part will focus on female masturbation and the second part will feature a discussion on sexual scripting. We will be giving lots of notice for these shows, but for now all we can tell you is that these will be featured during the later hours (not during Milk and Vodka’s usual time). Stay tuned into our blog for more details or follow us on twitter: mandvradio or on facebook

Indie Rock
*Artist: Den-igan Album:Square Root of Fun Song: Baby birds
*Artist: Den-igan Album:Square Root of Fun Song: Take me home
*Artist: Little Scream Album:The Golden Record  Song: Red hunting jacket
*Artist: Denim on Denim Album:Library Voices Song: Insider training (on outsider art)
*Artist: Lovers love haters Album: Skin and Bones Song: Self Titled

Artist: Angelique Kidjo Album: Oyo Song: I’ve got dreams to remember
Artist: Nawal Album: Women of Africa Song: Hima
*Artist: Amanda Martinez Album: Amor Song: Tomalo
Artist: Khadja Nin Album:Women of Africa  Song: Sina Mali, Sina Deli

Hip Hip
Artist: Invincible Album: Shapeshifters  Song: Looongawaited
*Artist: Jenocide Album: Machines to make us wet Song: 28 mansions
Artist: Macromantics Album: Moments in Movement Song: Scorch
*Artist: Masia One Album: People in the city Song: Montreal in the fall

* = Canadian artists