M&V Pride Edition: August 1, 2011

To celebrate Pride Week in Windsor, today’s show focused on musicians from the LGBT community and sex positive musicians.

Lesbians on Ecstasy's album "We Know you Know"

Set List:

artist: Queen Latifa song: UNITY album: Black Reign

artist: Lady Soverign song: My England album: public warning

artist: Rhythm Method song: too small album: Celebrities with Low Self Esteem

artist: Invincible song: Recognize album: Shape Shifters

artist: Peaches song: Boys Wanna Be Her album: Impeach my Bush

artist: Lesbians on Ecstasy song: Sisters in the Struggle album: We Know you Know

artist: the Blow song: Moon is there, I am here album: Bonus Album

artist: Coco Rosie song: Lemonade album: Grey Oceans

artist: Tegan and Sara song: the first album: The Business of Art song: On Directing album: Sainthood