Set List and Discussion – July 11th

The Set List

Artist:Le Tigre
Album:From the Desk of Mr. Lady.
Song: Get Off the Internet

Artist: Yungchen Lhamo
Album: Coming Home
Song: Defiance

Artist: Seabear
Album: We Built a Fire
Song: Wooden Teeth

Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: The Big Black & the Blue
Song: Heavy Storm

Artist: Cibelle
Album: Las Venus Resort
Song: Melting the Ice

New Releases

Artist: *Emily Haines
Album: Daydream Nation Soundtrack
Song: Rowboat

Artist: *Little Scream
Album: the Golden Record
Song: the Lamb

Artist: *Luxury Bob
Album: In Flagrant Delicto
Song: Cut and Paste

Artist: *Allison Brown
Album: Viper at the Virgin’s Feet
Song: The Nice Guy


Artist: *Jenocide
Album: Machines to Make us Wet
Song: Transparent

Artist: *I am Spoonbender
Artist: Sender/Receiver
Song: Show Metal Fires

The Discussion

Yesterday, we talked a little bit about the freedom flotilla II. Due to time constraints, we weren’t able to delve into the complexities that contribute to the Israeli-Palistanian conflict, but we want you to be informed, including getting an idea of what Canada’s policies concerning the conflict are, and the flytilla. It’s important!
That being said, we were able to discuss Alice Walker’s role on board the Audacity of Hope, which is the American boat to Gaza. Walker’s own explanation for boarding the Audacity of Hope is incredibly enlightening, “Immediately I felt: I must go to her and tell her that even though I am an American and paid with my taxes for some of the grotesque weapons of mass destruction rained on her family, I did not sanction devastation of her life, or, if she survived, her grief.” Below are two very informative links that can provide more detail of Walker’s position on the conflict.

Of special note, we wanted to draw attention to Walker’s emphasis of the flotilla’s ‘peacful protest’ as well as the letters of solidarity for which they are carrying, (as opposed to humanitarian aid). Walker says, “If the Israeli military attacks us, it will be as if they attacked the mailman. This should go down hilariously in the annals of history.”  

Alice Walker on the Freedom Flotilla II in Canadian alternative news source, Rabble.
Alice Walker on the Freedom Flotilla II in the Guardian.