July 18 set list

The Creep Show's album "Run for your Life"

hip hop/R&B
*artist: Pulan
song: return of the bgirl
album: Masia one
artist: Psalm one
song: better then my last
album: woman at work
*artist: imaginations treetrunk
song: happens again
album: branching out
*artist: Divine Brown
song: twist my hair
album: slef titled
*artist: I hate Sally v.s. GFK
song: show me a liar
album: sp(l)it
*artist: Lullabye Arkestra
song: y’make me shake
album: Ampgrave
*artist: The Creepshow
song: demon lover
album: run for your life
album: Bebel Gilberto remixed
song: all around. Remixed by Telefon tel aviv
artist: Rokia Traore
song: zen
album: tchamtche
* = Canadia artist
This week we interviewed political scientist – feminist and University of Windsor master’s canditate Heather Lynds on the decriminalization of prositituion in Canada, and the current remifactions prosititions are facing because of the laws around that industry. If you missed the show, download the archive from cjam.ca

Milk & Vodka: May 30

rye rye's album Bang Remixes

Artist: Rebecca Campbell and Justin Haynes
Song: Better Than Memories
Album: The Sweetest Noise


Artist: The Cardigans
Song: Holy Love
Album: Super Extra Gravity


Artist: The Charms
Song: Believe
Album: Self Titled 


Artist: Basia Bula
Song: I Was a Daughter
Album: Oh, My Daughter


Artist: Brazilian Girls
Song: Berlin
Album: NYC


Artist: Rye Rye
Song: Bang ft. M.I.A.
Album: Bang


Artist: The Rhythm Method
Song: What About Sports
Album: Celebrities with Low Self-Esteem


Artist: MC Lyte
Song: I am Woman
Album: Lyte as a rock


Artist:  Rokia Traore
Song: Zen
Album: Tchmantche


Artist: Summer Cats
Song: In June
Album: Song for Tuesdays


Artist: United Steelworkers of Montreal
Song: Rise Up
Album: Three on a Tree
Artist: Green Go
Song: Brains for Breakfast
Album: Borders


Artist: Girls Would Kill
Song: Wash it Out
Album:  GWK