live studio performance from local artist Den-Igan




This week on Milk and Vodka, we had Windsor artist Den-Igan in the studio with us. She answered some questions for us on what it’s like to be a solo-female artist living in Windsor.

She also played some songs for us from her new album, such as Sunshine Dan and Pancakes no Heartache.

Den-Igan was so much fun to have in the studio, she shared lots of stores and advice to our listeners and her music is a beautiful mix of melodic acoustic guitar and powerful vocals. We also had her pick out some music that inspired her, so we heard Crissi Cochrine and Lilly Frost.

If you missed the show, check out the archive at

Milk & Vodka: May 16

Little Scream's Album "The Golden Record"

Artist: Rose Cousins 
Song: If You Were For Me
Album: Lost in the Valley


Artist: Vera Bila & Kale
Song: Kale Kalone
Album: Pas O Panori


*Artist: Elisapie Isaac
Song: There Will be Stars
Album: Butterfly


Artist: Bebel Gilberto
Song: All in One
Album: The Real Thing


Artist: Little Scream
Song: The Lamb
Album: The Golden Record


Artist: Dum Dum Girls
Song: Take Care of My Baby
Album: He Gets Me High


Artist: Julie Doiron
Song: You Look So Alive
Album: Woke Myself Up


*Artist: Stars
Song: Window Bird
Album: In Our Bedroom after the War


*Artist: Lily Frost
Song: Bliss
Album: Situation


*Artist: Quiet Parade
Song: Martin Luther
Album: Labour Day


Artist: Sally Seltman
Song: The Truth
Album: Hearts that Pounding


Artist: Natacha Atlas
Song: Yallah Chant
Album: The Best Of


Artist: The Cardigans
Song: Don’t Blame Your Daughter
Album: Super Extra Gravity


Artist: Rachel Goodrich
Song: Easier Said Than Done
Album: self titles 
*Canadian Artist


This week we talked about DIY activism, focusing on the work and writing of Detroit activist, Grace Lee Boggs. Check out her amazing interview on Democracy Now.