June 20th: Music Set List

Speech Debelle's album Speech Therapy

artist: deni-gan
song: scouts honour
album: square root of fun
artist: this is me as a woman
song: at war with ourselves
album: extravaganza
artist: perilelle
song: fog like this
album: fog like this
artist: oceanographer
song: nearly edge and nervous
album: coral fixation
artist: nancy de rose & kool keith
song: sugar
album: white table mix series #1
artist: speech debelle
song: the key
album: speech therapy 
artist: fannypack
song: hey mami
album: so styalistic
artist: CSS
song: artbitch
album: cansi de ser sexy
artist: christine bougie and duffy de hughes 
song: almost
album this is awesome
artist: the ravonettes
song: summer moon
album: raven and the grave