Slutwalk: Perpetuating problematic language/sterotypes or female empowered movement?

Image from the Ottawa SltuWalk (

Today on Milk and Vodka, we’re discussing the controversial Slutwalk. Specifically, we will be discussing the catalyst for the movement, and the original intentions behind it. However, we will also be challenging ourselves and our listeners to consider how this movement might be – intentional or not – disempowering and even marginalizing for many women. Tune in with an open mind, and to help you be informed we’ve provided a few links above to read up on the issue.

Milk & Vodka: Set list and discussion topic for June 6th

Shannon and the Clams' album Sleep Talk
Artist: Ladytron
Song: Seventeen
Album: The best of: 00-10
Artist: Megan Bonell
Album: Maps
Song: Lake Superior 
Artist: Shannon and Clams
Album: Sleep Talk
Song: Tired of Being Bad
Artist: the Sandwitches 
Album: Mrs. Jones Cookies
Song: Summer of Love
Artist: The Locusts Have No King
Album: New Years Eve
Song: Still Fed
Artist: Deni-gen
Album: the square root of fun
Song: Baby Birds
Artist: Lauryn hill
Album: Unplugged
Song: I get out 
Artist: Vikings on Vacation
Album: Ensemble Polaris
Song: Reel from Dorin House
This week we discussed the “not racist but” article on Colourlines . As well the actvist, Brigette DePape
Make sure to check out Crissi Cochrane at Taloola Cafe Friday June 10th at 8pm.
Also, check out Roxanne Jackson‘s MONSTER showing at Artcite, going on now until August 6th.