September 12, 2011 discussion: What is environmental racism and why it is a feminist issue & set list

She Keeps Bees' self titled album


artist: Kalle Mattson song: Sunshine album: Archers

artist: She Keeps Bees song: Sister Beware album: She Keeps Bees

artist: Bell song: Meaninglessness album: Diamonite

artist: Maria Kasstan song: Mother’s Lament album: Gamma Knif

artist: the bicycles song: Once was Not Enough album: Oh no, its Love

artist: Kenny Arkana song: Victoria

artist: the Cursed Arrows song: Earthlings album: telepathic High Five

artist: Tara Watts song: Hail Outside album: About Love

artist: Perielle song: Fog like This album: Fog like This

artist: Furs song: Level 1 album: Streets of Rage

This week we discussed environmental racism, with a feminist perspective to explore the issues around the Tar Sands project and the Keystone Pipeline. 


Set List: June 27th

Album: Will to war and wreck it.Artist: Anna Calvi
Song: First We Kiss
Album: Self Titled

New Releases

*Artist: Cigarettes
Song: Bullfight
Album: Will to War and Wreck It.

Artist: Susana Baca
Song: Coco Y Forro
Album: Afrodiaspora

Artist: Carol Bui
Song: Mira: You’re Free With Me
Album: Red Ship

Hip Hop

Artist: Jean Grae & 9th Wonder
Song: BNK
Album: Jeanius

Artist: Lady Sovereign
Song: Lets Be Mates
Album: Jigsaw

Artist: Amanda Blank
Song: Make it Take it
Album: I love you


*Artist: Lhasa
Song: The Lonely Spider
Album: Self Titled


*Artist: Reverie Sound Revue
Song: Pretty One Play
Album: Self Titled

Artist: Lioness
Song: Harder They Fall
Album: Self Titled

Also on todays show and discussion of the gains and controversies of the rainbow community in current news! Check out these links to get some context of the discussion

feministing: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand pushes for DOMA repeal 

Democracy Now: Interview with LGBTQ activists and supportive politicians 

A response to Toronto mayor Rob Ford not attending the Toronto Pride parade. 





June 20th: Music Set List

Speech Debelle's album Speech Therapy

artist: deni-gan
song: scouts honour
album: square root of fun
artist: this is me as a woman
song: at war with ourselves
album: extravaganza
artist: perilelle
song: fog like this
album: fog like this
artist: oceanographer
song: nearly edge and nervous
album: coral fixation
artist: nancy de rose & kool keith
song: sugar
album: white table mix series #1
artist: speech debelle
song: the key
album: speech therapy 
artist: fannypack
song: hey mami
album: so styalistic
artist: CSS
song: artbitch
album: cansi de ser sexy
artist: christine bougie and duffy de hughes 
song: almost
album this is awesome
artist: the ravonettes
song: summer moon
album: raven and the grave 

Milk & Vodka: Set list and discussion topic for June 6th

Shannon and the Clams' album Sleep Talk
Artist: Ladytron
Song: Seventeen
Album: The best of: 00-10
Artist: Megan Bonell
Album: Maps
Song: Lake Superior 
Artist: Shannon and Clams
Album: Sleep Talk
Song: Tired of Being Bad
Artist: the Sandwitches 
Album: Mrs. Jones Cookies
Song: Summer of Love
Artist: The Locusts Have No King
Album: New Years Eve
Song: Still Fed
Artist: Deni-gen
Album: the square root of fun
Song: Baby Birds
Artist: Lauryn hill
Album: Unplugged
Song: I get out 
Artist: Vikings on Vacation
Album: Ensemble Polaris
Song: Reel from Dorin House
This week we discussed the “not racist but” article on Colourlines . As well the actvist, Brigette DePape
Make sure to check out Crissi Cochrane at Taloola Cafe Friday June 10th at 8pm.
Also, check out Roxanne Jackson‘s MONSTER showing at Artcite, going on now until August 6th. 

Milk & Vodka: May 16

Little Scream's Album "The Golden Record"

Artist: Rose Cousins 
Song: If You Were For Me
Album: Lost in the Valley


Artist: Vera Bila & Kale
Song: Kale Kalone
Album: Pas O Panori


*Artist: Elisapie Isaac
Song: There Will be Stars
Album: Butterfly


Artist: Bebel Gilberto
Song: All in One
Album: The Real Thing


Artist: Little Scream
Song: The Lamb
Album: The Golden Record


Artist: Dum Dum Girls
Song: Take Care of My Baby
Album: He Gets Me High


Artist: Julie Doiron
Song: You Look So Alive
Album: Woke Myself Up


*Artist: Stars
Song: Window Bird
Album: In Our Bedroom after the War


*Artist: Lily Frost
Song: Bliss
Album: Situation


*Artist: Quiet Parade
Song: Martin Luther
Album: Labour Day


Artist: Sally Seltman
Song: The Truth
Album: Hearts that Pounding


Artist: Natacha Atlas
Song: Yallah Chant
Album: The Best Of


Artist: The Cardigans
Song: Don’t Blame Your Daughter
Album: Super Extra Gravity


Artist: Rachel Goodrich
Song: Easier Said Than Done
Album: self titles 
*Canadian Artist


This week we talked about DIY activism, focusing on the work and writing of Detroit activist, Grace Lee Boggs. Check out her amazing interview on Democracy Now. 

Milk & Vodka: May 9th

Artist: Dragonette
Song: We Rule the World
Album: Fixin’ to Thrill


Artist: Jessica Mayfield
Song: Trouble
Album: Tell Me


Artist: The Raveonettes
Song:  Recharge and Revolt
Album: Raven in the Grave


Artist: Vivian Girls
Song: Light in Your Eyes
Album: Share the Joy


*Artist: Rah Rah
Song: Henry
Album: Breaking Hearts


*Artist: Sarah Harmer
Song: Late Bloomer
Album: Oh Little Fire


Artist: Headlights
Song: Hi-Ya!
Album: Kill Them With Kindness


Artist: Sonic Youth
Song: Stereo Sanctity
Album: Sister


*Artist: The Creepshow
Song: Someday
Album: They All Fall Dow


Artist: Carbon Dating Service
Song: Sea Moose
Album: Polyentendrii
* = Canadian Artist