Set List and Discussion: August 29th

The Vivian Girls' album "Everything Goes Wrong"

set list:

artist: Beach House song: Tokio Witch album: Beach House

artist: Dum Dum Girls song: Your’s Alone album: I Will be

artist: The Vivian Girls song: Out for the Sun album: Everything Goes Wrong

artist: Yo La Tengo song: Nothing But You album: Summer Sun

artist: Rose Cousins song: Simple Thought album: If you Were for Me

artist: Farideh song: Prison for our Love album: Symphony of Chemistry

artist: Jill barber song: In Perfect Time album: Oh Heart

artist: Lullabye Arkestra song: Y’make me Shake album: Ampgrave

artist: White Lung song: Atlanta album: Its the Evil

Today we discussed cuts to social security, and what that means for women. Below are some of the articles or links that we will used in our discussion.

In our conversation, we discussed employment insurance, maternity benefits and the misperception of women’s choice of domestic work*. We used the research compiled by McMullin, Avison and Cassidy (2001) from here and here. Also check out the stats discussed on women and employment in Canada. 

For information regarding governmental cuts to government-funded programs, check out this Globe and Mail article. We also compared these cuts to what the government has spent on fighter jets in another Globe and Mail article, but could be spending on “green electricity” – so check out that information on

*We understand that some women choose to be domestic workers, and respect those decisions. That being said, we’re also bringing attention to the fact that many women don’t have a choice, because of the way such things as employment insurance and maternity benefits have been structured.