July 25th Set List

Horrorpops album cover - Bring it on!



Artist: Kinnie Star
Album: Tidy

Artist: Rah Rah *
Song:Breaking Hearts
Album: Breaking Hearts

Artist: Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s
Song: Bookworm
Album: The daytrotter sessions

Artist: Tegan and Sara*
Song: Living Room
Album: If it was you

Hip Hop

Artist: Me’Shell Ngegeocello
Song: Hair of the dog
Album: Devil’s Halo

Artist: Michie Mee & L.A. Luv*
Song: Kotch
Album: Jamaican Funk Canadian Style

Artist: Masia One*
Album: Diz-Knee Land
Album: Mississauga

Artist: Eternia
Song: Time
Album: It’s called life.


Artist: Jenocide*
Song: Love Vulture
Album: Machines to Make us Wet

Artist: The Knife
Song: Zapata
Album: Self Titled


Song: Walk like a zombie
Album: Bring it on!

Artist: Menace Ruine*
Song: This place of power.
Album: The Die is Cast.

Artist: Eyes set to kill
Album: This place of power
Song: Broken Frames.


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