Milk & Vodka: May 9th

Artist: Dragonette
Song: We Rule the World
Album: Fixin’ to Thrill


Artist: Jessica Mayfield
Song: Trouble
Album: Tell Me


Artist: The Raveonettes
Song:  Recharge and Revolt
Album: Raven in the Grave


Artist: Vivian Girls
Song: Light in Your Eyes
Album: Share the Joy


*Artist: Rah Rah
Song: Henry
Album: Breaking Hearts


*Artist: Sarah Harmer
Song: Late Bloomer
Album: Oh Little Fire


Artist: Headlights
Song: Hi-Ya!
Album: Kill Them With Kindness


Artist: Sonic Youth
Song: Stereo Sanctity
Album: Sister


*Artist: The Creepshow
Song: Someday
Album: They All Fall Dow


Artist: Carbon Dating Service
Song: Sea Moose
Album: Polyentendrii
* = Canadian Artist